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Carnaval : February 12-16

Cozumel has been celebrating Carnaval, the island's time-honored pre-Lenten festival, since 1908. In Cozumel, everyone attends this fabulous and colorful celebration. Within the Mexican-Caribbean, Cozumel displays the most popular and authentic Carnaval celebration, providing a more traditional and family-oriented event. Together locals and visitors enjoy five days of fun that includes parades, floats, traditional regional foods, music and dancing. The highlight of the festivities is the Comparsas Ball that features an incredible dance competition, not to be missed!

Feria Del Cedral (Cedral Fair) : April 30- May 5

Even if you're not Catholic, you'll enjoy this festival! This is the anniversary of the first Catholic mass in Mexico, which was celebrated in El Cedral. A more than 150 year old tradition, the fair at El Cedral is held every year during the first week of May to commemorate the Day of the Holy Cross, honoring the safe passage of the 11 founding families who fled the mainland to Cozumel in 1848 during La Guerra de Castas (The Caste War). At the fair, both residents and visitors can enjoy the many food stands, games, dancing and shopping displayed throughout this week-long festival. Particularly of note are the “Head of the Boar” and “The Ribbons” traditional dances which are performed on May 3rd Day of the Holy Cross (Día de la Santa Cruz ). The event also features cattle exhibitions, races, rides and bullfights.

Dia De La Independencia (Independence Day) : September 15-16

This is a nationwide festival celebrating Mexican Independence Day. On September 15 local residents and visitors congregate around the City Hall to participate in the traditional “grito”, or cry for independence. Lead by the Mayor of Cozumel from the balcony at City Hall at 11:00 p.m., the cry “Viva Mexico” is made. Following the “grito” is an impressive fireworks display and other festivities including traditional foods as well as musical and folkloric dance performances. On September 16, Independence Day, the celebrations continue with a parade that goes through Cozumel's downtown waterfront. Throughout the week, residents and visitors are invited to visit a fair near the City Hall that includes food stands, games, dancing and shopping.