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Kiteboarding has become one of the most popular recreation water sports in Cozumel.

When the wind blows in Cozumel -- and it does quite often -- gliding the turquoise clear waters of Cozumel is hands down one of the most magical experiences on the island.

Riding Locations In Cozumel

The Country Club : Lucky you if you are staying at Cozumel Tom's Condo -- this is right out your front door! This beach is big, with soft white sand and lots of room to launch (and lunch!). Private and available only to guests staying in the Country Club.

Wind Direction: NE, N, NW, W
Water Conditions: Flat water - light chop
Beach: Big, sand

Ixpalbarco (aka "The Wave Ranch") : This remote spot got it's nickname for a reason. Small to medium size perfect kickers with the occasional overhead + makes this the most ideal riding spot for wave junkies. A long shallow bay with no outer reef gives provide incredibly friendly waves with very little chance of getting in trouble.
Wind Direction: E, NE, SE
Water Conditions: Waves
Beach: Big, sand with a few small submerged rocks. Very limited exposed reef in the far south corner section near the point. Board scratches can happen in this area!

Kiteboarding Lessons In Cozumel

If you are not familiar with kiteboarding, take a lesson! In fact, if you are here for a week, take at least three lessons -- if not more -- to get you up and riding.

Cozumel Kiteboarding: Enthusiastic and most entertaining Cozumel local, PASA cretified instructor Adrian, gives lessons and tours that are sure to leave you fulfilled. Adrian offers packages for the beginner up to the advanced rider wanting the full island tour on a kiteboard.

Boat, Jet Ski assist and shallow water access to a variety of remote lagoons and points. Group and private lessons. Go the